Going on a year now, I've been actively improving my physical fitness. Since some have noticed, I'll assume some would like to know how. No great secret, just diet and exercise that works for me.


  1. No drinking. Ever.
  2. No smoking. Ever.
  3. No caffeine. Ever.
  4. Don't eat too much. Once sate, toss the rest in the garbage. Your meal should just that size.
  5. Eat enough. Not eating enough causes either binging or sleep deprivation, both screwing up otherwise model behavior.


  1. Exercise in the morning. Sucks initially, but it's an amazing habit. I jump rope each morning and just before bed.
  2. A game. Initially, it was morning treadmill run for 1.0 miles, starting from 5.0mph up to 6.0mph, +0.1mph each 0.1 mile.
  3. Doing the above, I could measure my fitness. What we measure we improve. That eventually became 2 miles at +0.2mph per 0.1 mile.
  4. Music. For the above run, a stirring song on my iPhone. Pretty soon the song triggered "wake up" mode for my biological clock.
  5. Kickboxing. I attend Leading Edge Kickboxing classes around 5 times each week. I'm level 3. Coincidentally, it involves music.
  6. Fun. This is the most important thing. As a gamer, I crave games and fun, and my exercise must qualify as fun. Without fun, it will fail. I don't reap enough benefits from fitness the rest of the day for my daily workout to be unfun. You might be able to add fun by:
    1. Lazy activity becomes physical activity. If you greatly enjoy say watching NFL on TV, forbid yourself from watching NFL unless you're on a stationary bike or something. Jumping rope, resistant bands, there's tons of options.
    2. Socialize. You can workout with a friend(s). Lots of exercises allow socializing at the same time. You will hold each other accountable to show up and perform. You can benchpress and talk about chicks simultaneously!


If you notice your male gamer friend is suddenly and consistently at the gym or running, don't worry – they didn't turn jock. There's only one reason – girls. Often, one particular girl. It's never fitness, self-confidence, bullies, blah blah…the one motivation that can pierce the mind of the male gamer is female.

Happy 10/10/10 Day!

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