I watched "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" with a group of gamer friends. For a brief overview, check out this analyzed trailer:

This is easily my favorite film of 2010 (sorry, I'm not an "Inception" fanboy) and I doubt it can be topped this year. Even the first 30 seconds is riff with teh aw3s0me – a pixelated Universal logo with 4-bit music, then live footage begins with the opening melody when you power up The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Superb direction! Based on a graphic novel I've never read (I own zero comic books, probably read 10 in my life, it's not a medium I connect with), I found the video game referenced executed better than any film to date. Even Mortal Kombat and other such movies pale in comparison.


The critics will tell you bad things about Scott Pilgrim. I think they don't get it. They grew up watching too many films and didn't play enough video games. There is a ton of "quirk" in Scott Pilgrim, but that's what video games are made of – Mario jumps on turtles, travels through pipes, collects coins, eats mushrooms to grow bigger, and can shoot fireballs. While all that makes for the most famous video game character ever, it's extremely nonsensical. Video games have a bigger agenda than making sense – making the player feel teh aw3s0me!

So when you play an instrument, Rock Band-esque visual effects accompany you as you shred. Defeating bad guys drops rewarding coins like in River City Ransom. Super ultimate uppercutting a bully makes the screen rainbow flash like in Street Fighter.

Unfortunately, Scott Pilgrim didn't to well at the box office. I was nice to be treated to a product PERFECTLY targeted at me, though the ticket sales confirm there aren't many of us.

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